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The power of animation

How VI3 helped the launch of a product yet not in production:

The Vippfold toddlers chair is a patented unique innovation. At first glance, the chair looks like any highchair. However, with a simple gesture, it folds into a 2 cm thin plate. Folded up, the chair is so slim and easy it can be tucked away behind other furniture, under a bed or even hung on the wall. As a young company, the dilemma for Vippfold was getting the product out to the public and show the highchair in all its options. The problem is that it’s costly to build all prototypes in all possible color options, and then to arrange with photographers for quality shots.

How it moves:

Also, Vippfold magic is in how the product folds and opens. And this is not possible to capture in still images. Instead VI3 created an easy configurator for all color options. And with the help of a modern mobile phone, the customer can project the model inside their living room with the help of AR

Impress your customers

• Animated and configurable
• Super high quality 3D,
down to the tiniest screw.
• Very cost effective

As a bonus, we also created high quality product photos with 3D, and saved the client thousands of dollars compared with doing photo shoot. The realistic renderede 3D is particularly important to land sales before mass production is possible.